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Queensland Adult Business Association
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Mission Statement

To advocate for the viable development of the Queensland legal brothel system. For the safety and security of workers, clients and the community at large.


About QABA

QABA has represented the interests of the licensed brothel sector of QLD since 2002. Current membership comprises 14 of 20 licensed brothels in QLD.

The industry is regulated by the Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA).

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Meet the Members

About the Industry


Over 500 service providers across QLD conduct their business from licensed venues.

(Estimated by the PLA)


The industry has over 250,000 client visitations per annum.


Service providers use brothels because they are regulated and safe.

(From the QABA Industry Survey)


The licensed brothel sector comprises just 10% of the entire QLD sex industry. Try finding available full sex services anywhere else between the hours 10pm – 8am

Current Advocacy Focus 

QLD Law Reform Commission Review Of The Sex Industry in QLD

The attorney general referred the legistlation to the QLRC in October to look at what improvements could be made to ensure the safety and security of sex workers, their clients and the community at large. A copy of the terms at reference can be found on this site. QABA has undertaken a survey of all sex workers working from legal brothels and is preparing a report on its findings along with a submission to the commission.

It is our belief that while decriminalisation is important regulation of the industry as a whole is also very important for the community at large.


Illegal Operators

The identification of illegal brothels and massage palours, along with developing a reporting structure and legal disinsentives for rogue operators.

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Ethical Objection

The major banks have taken an ethical objection to the adult industry as a whole withdrawing lending and transactional services to the sector on the basis that there is a belief that the adult industry can be used to launder the proceeds of organised crime.

The licenced brothel sector in Queensland was specifically designed and regulated to prevent this from occuring.

By taking this action against legal Queensland brothels and not massage palours and escort agencies which are unregulated it is working to destroy the licensed legal and highly regulated sector.

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Industry News

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